Speak Out: COVID-19 vaccine shipments sent

The nation’s first COVID-19 vaccine began arriving in states Monday morning after the government gave the final go-ahead to the shots needed to end an outbreak that has killed over 300,000 Americans.

• Yet we are heading for another lockdown? Give me a break! A 99.8% survival rate now and a vaccine is coming, but we can’t move on from this? — David Kline

• How about reach out to the family members of those that have died from this virus just yesterday about your “survival rate”!? Console them with your stat. — Michael Jones

• Stop pandering for empathy. At some point, we need to look at things logically and the entire picture. The flu statistically kills more children every year than COVID, but we don’t shut down for that.  — Beth Gallagher

• About 3,500 Americans are dying daily from COVID, and you think we are just going to “ move on” from it? May you be shown the same empathy you have for others. — Deby Daly

• 9/11 had a higher survival rate, so who cares about who died in the twin towers, right? That’s basically what you’re saying!  — Rick Reed

• A 99.8% survival rate still means 400,000 dead, so who do you plan on sacrificing, David? — Chris Henry

• Yeah, OK, I will wait for the first guinea pigs to try it. — Patricia June

• People already “tried” it in clinical trials. Health care workers and nursing homes need it now. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Yeah, OK, do you have polio? — Debbie Dickerson

• I think what Debbie is saying is, you probably don’t have polio or know somebody who has had polio because there is a vaccine that has eradicated it from all but three countries. So you don’t have polio because you’ve been vaccinated against it. — Gary Greer