Speak Out: COVID restrictions causes 33 West closure

Brandon Pelton, owner of 33 West Ale House & Grill on Loockerman Street, had a feeling back in the spring that his business was facing long odds toward survival amid the COVID-19 restrictions restaurants were facing. He recently announced that his fears had become a reality and that he was closing the doors to 33 West.

• Where will we grab lunch now? This is sad. — Danny Hamilton

• Hip hip hooray for Carney — Jon Walczak

• Look for more closures coming. — Connie Thompson

From the Editor: Pandemic, economy rile Delaware voters

It was no surprise that Blue Hen Joe Biden won Delaware with 58.8% of the state’s vote. But what was extraordinary was the number of votes he received — 295,420. The total is about 40,000 more than in 2008, when he was the running mate of Barack Obama, and about 60,000 more than Hillary Clinton received in 2016.

• How about you report that my vote has not showed up? — Ron Elliott

• How has it not shown up? Does the DOE website show that it has not been received? Rejected? — Benjamin Black

• Depending on what you read, some say it takes up to three weeks to post. There are some voters who claim they have voted for years, and no record is shown. That’s a real concern. The Delaware Republican Party is investigating. — Dorianne Liberi Short