Speak Out: COVID-tracing app downloaded by 78,000 state residents

About 78,000 Delawareans have downloaded the COVID Alert DE app, according to information from the Delaware Division of Public Health. The app, which has been available in the Apple app store or Google Play since mid-September, runs in the background and can send an anonymous exposure notification alert if the user is identified as a close contact of a COVID-19-positive individual in Delaware or three other states (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

• I would if I were 100% confident in their data security. I don’t want 100%, but I’d like at least 95%, which I know the government cannot deliver. They leak data constantly with zero accountability. — Tom Small

• No app will ever have perfect data security. — Benjamin Black

• You’re on Facebook. Your data is already compromised. — Pete Schonert

• What data does it have access to that is so concerning? It doesn’t ask for your Social Security number or your bank PIN or anything. When I downloaded it, I think it just asked what county I’m a resident of. — Elizabeth Magnani

• If they voluntarily get you to download a tracing app for a virus, they will have no problem tracing everything you do and everywhere you go. — Bob Skuse