Speak Out: Debate commission says it will make changes to format

The presidential debate commission says it will soon adopt changes to its format to avoid a repeat of the disjointed first meeting between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. The commission said Wednesday the debate “made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.”

• He could have been more respectful and let Biden speak. Whoever coached Trump did well because he stayed under Biden’s skin and kept him off track … the reason they call it a debate. – Howard Gaines III

• It’s a debate because you debate ideas. Trump has no ideas. Like playing cards with someone who flips over the table and thinks that’s a strategy. – William Mazzariello

• Calling on Proud Boys to stand by, after stating he didn’t know who they were, is hardly acting sane let alone competent. – Patricia Marie Diienno

• That comment was directed to the Proud Boys. You don’t really believe they are a white supremacy group do you? They are basically an anti-feminist group, compromised of men of all races. They are strange, weird and very backwards in their thinking at times, but there is nothing “white supremacist” about them. – Rob Holley

• The FBI does. – Debbie Dickerson

• They have been associating with other white nationalist groups in what Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement intelligence sections have determined about them. I’m inclined to side with law enforcement when and where it counts, so I’ll go with their assessments. I’ll pray for the dying soul of this great republic. – Brian P Slattery

• The debate commission still won’t add third party candidates though. Wonder why? – Pete Schonert

• Put a boxing ring bell in front of the mediator. – Rodger Workman

• I think we need someone with vision, just a thought! – Cal Staple

• President Trump as the dominant force by being rude and uncooperative. It’s the only style he has, and it’s not a productive one. – Dina Beck

• Democrats are determined to take away free speech. – Faye Wing