Speak Out: Del. establishments receive coronavirus noncompliance fines

Six establishments were fined in October for failing to adhere to guidelines put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Those cited were Main Street Cafe in Harrington, Trick Trucks & Cars Inc. in Millsboro, BPG Sports in Wilmington who runs the 76ers Fieldhouse, the Green Stinger in Smyrna, the Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth Beach and American Legion Post 28 in Millsboro.

• When making laws, rules and regulations, our elected government must weigh the value and the benefit of one over the others. In this case, the cost of an inconvenience over life. Speed limits, drunk-driving laws, fire codes and building codes are a few examples. Where does one’s right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness stop when it comes to infecting someone else’s life? — Richard Schwager

• Make sure to go out and support local business. They need help with the state stealing more of their money. — Aaron Mobley

• Thanks to all the businesses who wore masks and were considerate and smart enough not to be fined. — Patricia Marie Diienno

• The state does not care if you live or die; they only want your money. — Nan Mulligan

• It’s because all these so-called adults are acting worse than a 2-year-old about wearing a mask. — Jim Waters

• Let’s have the state fair and people from out of state, but you cannot have smaller events. — Linda Shepherd

• If you want to do something constructive, instead of complaining, volunteer at the hospital! Be part of the solution and not part of the problem! — Douglas Mastin

• Where are y’all “they should’ve just followed the rules” people?  — Ashley Mills

• You mean, like when they say that a Brown-skinned person that gets killed by a cop should have just “complied”? — Jennifer Snyder

• Love to see the people all about “law and order,” except when they’re not. — Chris Henry