Speak Out: Delaware added to must-quarantine list

The governors of three states have added Delaware to a list of states requiring people to quarantine for 14 days before entering. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut added Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma to their lists Tuesday. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s advisory applies to states with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents over a seven-day rolling average, or states with a 10% or higher positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average.

• Liberal states unite! Enough already. It’s too much! — Daniel Korup

• They are the smart states, who don’t want people coming in from states where people gather in mass quantities without masks. You just don’t get it. — Deby Daly

• You mean like when New York was the epicenter and people fled to Florida? — Kevin McCarthy

• So, what do the Delawareans do about all the New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts cars that come to our beaches every weekend? Does the virus only work one way? — Scott Clegg

• Where were you when Delaware required out-of-state people to quarantine for 14 days? — John Smith

• Ha, ha. Just like Germany putting the U.S. on the no-tourist list. — Bob Beckman

• This is dumb. Our numbers are not that high, and hospitalizations low. — Deborah Bradl

• And I was just driving and saw tons of New Jersey and New York license plates. — Emily Dispo

• Every day on Route 1! More out-of-staters than people who actually live here! I can’t blame them though. We don’t have sales taxes, and their states are inflated beyond belief. — Eric Porter

• If in Delaware, I’m sure. They come to our beaches. That’s where people are being dumb. People are acting like the whole state’s infected. Geez. Plus, a lot of people from Pennsylvania and New Jersey work here. — Deborah Bradl

• I’ll comply with the rules, but it doesn’t mean I agree with them. — Dawn Milburn Curtiss

• The New York-, New Jersey-, Pennsylvania-tagged vehicles outnumber Delaware. I feel like I don’t live in Delaware, especially by the driving habits. — George Riley

• Carney is being controlled by another governor. He isn’t running his state with sense. We are living in a broken state with their agenda. He doesn’t care for the American people. But not for long. Things are going to change because God is in control. — Theresa Blanchfield

• So, are they going to do anything about the long line, for at least four days a week, heading to the Delaware beaches with New York and New Jersey license plates? — Victoria M. Olds

• Arriving to “take over.” — Kathy Phillips-Page