Speak Out: Delaware COVID hospitalizations hit another record high

The number of individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 rose to a record 454 last week.(At that time) it was the eighth time in 10 days COVID-19 hospitalizations set an all-time high.

• How many positive flu cases do we have so far? — Vaughn LG

• Thankfully, flu season is very mild this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and yearly flu vaccinations. Thank you for pointing out that vaccinations, plus masking and social distancing, can really suppress a contagious virus. — Mike Zenorini

• Not everything spreads at the same rate. Some diseases are more infectious than others. So there are enough who are not wearing face coverings appropriately to continue spreading COVID but not quite enough to spread the flu. You know so little about this. It would be funny if it weren’t pitifully and potentially harmful to others. Ignorance is the greatest disease out there. — Crystal Vicidomini

• If the people that think otherwise think you are misinformed or stupid, why not supply them with facts from legitimate sources? You can’t argue with facts. Also a right-wing news source doesn’t make for a legitimate place to supply your facts from, just like a left-wing news source to you is not legit. When you don’t support your information with facts, it will sound stupid. — Robert Selg

• Continued fear-mongering … open up our state! — Daniel Korup

• Seems like a news report of a factual number to me. — Mike Zenorini

• Does anyone know if they are testing all patients at hospitals for COVID or what percent of patients they are testing? — Beth Gallagher

Health care workers receive vaccine

A total of 750 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were administered to health care staff at Delaware’s six health systems and three sites of one long-term care organization as of noon Dec. 18, according to information provided by the Delaware Division of Public Health.

• They’re taking a vaccine, not invading Poland. — Ernie Manucci

• Science is what got us into this mess. — Ryan Starr

• No, ignorance and greed is. — Kevin Maloney

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