Speak Out: Delaware Democrats

Readers reacted to a Sunday Commentary by Delaware House Democratic leadership headlined “House Democrats getting work done for all Delawareans.”

• Must be an election year. Delaware Democrats are reminding us how much they have done to (for) us again. — Bob Skuse

• If you truly believe limiting the liberty and Independence of your constituents through draconian laws and entitlement programs is progress, you must be a sheep. Follow your shepherds. — Kevin Outten

• Not fer nuthin, but isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Now we have to give them praise for doing their job? When I go to work, I don’t expect people to line up in the hallway and applaud me for doing my job. — Dave Duncan

• Protect our environment from pollution and waste. And Delaware is still ranked as one of the highest in cancer! Reform our criminal justice system to restore fairness and equity. And Wilmington and now Dover drugs and shootings are up! Jobs. We are still finding the big joke Bloom Energy. Why are there more jobs in India? We need a watchdog group to look after them! It’s an election year, time to vote out the Democrats in this state! — Cal Staple

• Not according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Delaware ranks dead last in the nation for GDP growth in new Bureau of Economic Analysis report. Delaware’s third quarter 2019 GDP growth was 0.0 percent, making Delaware the only state (including the District of Columbia) to see no growth in real GDP. — Jason Patrick

• I’m glad to see so much effort being made on reforming our criminal justice system to make it more sensible and equitable. — Eric Morrison

• This all sounds great, but let’s be honest, was this our agenda or yours? Last time I checked, no one was asking for a catch-and-release program to put violent offenders back on the street within hours, or that we were looking to increase the likelihood of voter fraud. I don’t remember begging to have every major artery clogged in New Castle County Council, or asking that I-95 be shut down less than 30 years since we did that debacle previously. I don’t recall asking you to press felony charges against a clerk who accidentally sells cigarettes to an 18-year-old soldier while allowing 18-year-old pot heads to toke and drive with impunity.

What we did ask for was to feel safe. We asked you to do something to stop the state from bleeding high paying jobs. We asked for fewer strip malls, and more open space. We asked you to listen and you didn’t.

Please don’t pat yourself on the back and try to convince us you did our will. — Dave Fisher