Speak Out: Delaware farmers’ markets

In collaboration with the statewide Delaware Farmers’ Market Coalition, Delaware’s Department of Agriculture on Monday announced strict protocols that will allow farmers’ markets to safely begin opening, potentially as early as Friday.

• I hope all follow the rules. It is for our own good. – Chris Pollinger

• Being cautious is one thing but let’s remember: When has our government state or nation ever cared about anyone’s health? During flu season? No/ They will sell you the flu shot though. While children and adults go without health insurance? Nope. While people can’t afford their medication? Nope. Our senators even take money from pharma and then vote against bills that would lower our Rx cost. But they really care about health now? Look at our stats worldwide. Something is not right. I guess they really can take all your guns away. I guess they can take you away from your family. I guess they can censor the hell out of the media/Youtube/Facebook. Who is going to stop them? You? Apparently not. – Beth Gallagher

• I have a sinking feeling that we’re going to hear about even more child deaths this summer related to kids being left in a sweltering car while their guardian went into the farmers’ market. – Erin Greenberg