Speak Out: Delaware hits 50,000 COVID cases

Delaware surpassed 50,000 positive COVID-19 tests this weekend. It now stands at 50,616 as of 6 p.m. Saturday. The state has reported 854 deaths stemming from coronavirus, an increase of eight from the prior update. About 55% of those involve residents of long-term care centers.

• Biden and Harris doubted they would take the vaccine if Trump said it was safe. — Edna Staats

• I guess you talked to them, eh? — Tommy Bou

• How many have recovered? — Stephen Terrance Herd

• How many didn’t need to get sick? — Merv Sparks

• Why even one? It’s totally ridiculous. Ludicrous. Stupid. Political. — Stephanie Kramedas David

• How many with lasting problems from the virus? — Valarie Kelley

• 51,056 positive cases and 871 deaths equals a 98.3% survival rate. Yeah, makes all kind of sense destroying small businesses, keeping our kids out of school and all the other nonsense going on.. — Scott Gesty

• I think we should band together and, those of us that can, give our $600 to sue the state on behalf of small businesses and maybe taxpayers, especially kids that just lost a year of education and whose parents still are paying property taxes. — Beth Gallagher

• Ha! Suing the state will be about as successful as that guy in the White House trying to turn over the election. Just send it to his legal defense fund, so he can milk more money out of (everyone). If it’s such a “hoax and plandemic,” then your dear leader Trump is part of the hoax because he and nearly every person in his circle has gotten it. And if the vaccine is some kind of “Democratic liberal plandemic for mind control” or whatever the weekly conspiracy is, then why are the GOP lawmakers getting vaccinated first? — Gary Greer