Speak Out: Delaware lifting bans Monday

Gov. John Carney on Tuesday announced the state will lift the stay-at-home order June 1, although Delawareans are still encouraged not to venture out unnecessarily. June 1 will see more than its fair share of changes: In addition to a previously announced reopening of many businesses, that day will also mark the end of the ban on short-term rental units, the mandatory 14-day quarantine for out-of-state travelers and the prohibition on many outdoor gatherings.

· How soon can I get my roots done? – Ronnie Ponde

· All scientific studies show untrained people fiddle with the masks and never treat them as contaminated.  – Steve Durnan

· But I am unable to open my business. – Ed Bell

· If a gathering has 251, will it end very badly for all of them? Screw wearing masks in the heat of the summer. They will be doing more harm than good.—Mark Schmalhofer

· Is there any pleasing you people? – Chris Henry

· Yeah, there is. Leave us alone and stop telling us when and where we can go. Sorry, I don’t need another grown man to hold my hand and protect my family. – Mike Bohan

· There was a stay-at-home order?! – Dawn Lois