Speak Out: Delaware officials warn against another holiday COVID surge

State officials are hoping to avoid another surge of COVID-19 this holiday season after the Thanksgiving holiday was a “super-spreader day for us as a state,” said Delaware Division of Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay.

• Please cite the information that proves the “numerous people did not follow it” claim. I don’t recall seeing any state officials present at my Thanksgiving dinner. Please stop assuming that the spread is solely the fault of these supposed people who are allegedly not following guidelines. — Chris Herman

• You can easily refer to the comments of any article mentioning the restrictions. “They can’t tell me who I’m going to have in my house.” “Let’s see them try to stop me,” etc. — Smith BP

• Guess you did not see many posts that said, “We will have our friends and family at Thanksgiving! It’s our freedom!” — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Got to love these Facebookers that know better than the experts. The same experts that said, “Vote by mail,” “Don’t do Halloween,” “Don’t do Thanksgiving,” and yet we all saw the influx of cases. Now, they are pleading “Don’t do Christmas,” and unfortunately, many of y’all will be missing family members for Christmas next year due to stubbornness and misinformation. I’m not even mad at y’all. Go ahead, deal with the grief. Lord knows, I already did. — Eddie Curley

• Well, Eddie, we did all the things we weren’t supposed to do, and guess what? No one got sick. No one tested positive for COVID. Nothing! Our Christmas this year and next will be just fine. — Scott Gesty

• Some of us weren’t so lucky. I pray your loved ones never feel the grief and level of illness that others of us have. — Mandy Cupeto

• This is a grand psychological operation using fear-mongering to control people. — Brad Thomas

• My grandparents visited from out of town. Traveled two days to get here. Guess what? No COVID. — Heather Hands Nemcic

• Great. And not every woman gets pregnant the first time she has unprotected sex. So should all teens and adults no longer use condoms? — John Smith