Speak Out: Delaware reaches record COVID-related hospitalizations

The number of individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 in Delaware reached an all-time high last week. There were 338 COVID-19 hospitalizations throughout the state, according to the Delaware Division of Public Health’s daily report. The report reflects data as of Dec. 7 at 6 p.m.

• Then the mask isn’t working. — Dolly Earl

• Or people are refusing to wear it. — John Anderson

• Or a whole lot of people went to Thanksgiving. — Dale Bert

• Yeah, they were. Then, the selfish people stopped wearing them and started hanging out in groups spreading it. Masks work when they are used. — Tim Stegner

• Masks do work to reduce the spread of the virus when worn properly and used with other safety precautions. Can’t say they don’t work when such a large percentage of the population refuses to wear them. There are 198 other countries that prove masks do work. — Susie McKenzie

• I have been out and about and I have seen 99% of people complying with the mask mandate. The masks aren’t working — you can talk about maybe some masks are better than others, maybe some people aren’t wearing them correctly. All relevant discussions. — Beth Gallagher

• They would work if people would stop wearing them like chin diapers or mouth coverings. — Erica Hutchinson

• Funny, they were working when people were actually following the rules. — Tracey Miller

• When hospitals say they are at capacity, it’s misleading! They are at staffed capacity, not hospital capacity! Huge difference! — Jennifer Rambo

• Yeah, they can always stick another bed in the hallway or find a table in the morgue. — William Mazzariello

• If you think that the hospital will leave beds empty because of the number of nurses on, you are mistaken. Delaware doesn’t have mandatory nurse-patient ratios. — Kate Londre King

• That is not true at all. The hospital I work at has been full for weeks and holding multiple patients in the Emergency Department. Same for a hospital a good friend of mine works at, too. — Connie Beebe