Speak Out: Delaware sends National Guard members to D.C.

Gov. John Carney deployed members of the Delaware National Guard to Washington, D.C., following a pro-Trump mob breaching the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.  Gov. Carney said the move followed conversations with Washington authorities.

• Dems were appalled when Trump wanted to send in the National Guard to protect cities from rioters and looters.  What changed? – Ryan Fenimore

• Really? I think your memory is flawed. – Sally Turner

• That they broke into the Capitol building while government was in session with zip ties and handguns? – Ant W. Terrigno

• I don’t remember BLM protestors breaking into the nation’s Capitol with guns and explosives. I don’t remember senators and the vice president being concerned for their safety. I do remember BLM protestors being met with police resistance though, along with rubber bullets and tear gas because the president wanted a photo op with a church and an upside down Bible. – Craig Walter

• Please provide evidence of where Trump organized any of this. – Shyla Lyons

• No one is disputing it was wrong to burn buildings. But at least people should admit it was wrong to jeopardize the vice president and others that are just trying to do their job. Instead, Trump followers making excuses for what happened at our United States Capitol. – Joyce A. Getty

• By all means, lock the barn door after the horse has already run away. Very good. – John Daliani

• What does it say to you that a man who isn’t trusted to use Facebook and Twitter has the nuclear codes? Trump supporters in D.C. took down the American flag over the Capital and put up a Trump flag. You people took (that policeman’s) life. You get the “you people” treatment like a scarlet letter for a long, long time.  – Debbie Dickerson

• And yet he does a laughing face emoji at the death of that police officer. – Joyce A. Getty

• Carney allowed BLM to trash cities but has deployed the National Guard for Washington D.C. This dude is a joke.  – Danielle Starkey

• The KKK has caused terror for hundreds of years, and yet no one gets in trouble. That is the double standard. – Dennis Patrick

• Oh, the outrage when Trump wanted to use the National Guard. – Bob Hice

• Praying for our brave Delaware National Guard defending our nation’s capital.