Speak Out: Delaware State Fair concerts canceled

All Delaware State Fair concerts have been canceled due to concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, fair officials announced Monday. The state fair itself is still on. However officials are working with the governor’s office on social distancing guidelines and any other changes that may have to happen by the time the event is set to take place on the fairgrounds in Harrington July 23-Aug. 1.

• I figured that was coming. They are canceling life period. – Amber Maust

• Little too early to cancel the whole fair, but I can bet that will be the next announcement update in a few weeks. Hope not, but there is no way social distancing can work around the fair grounds. – Terri Glanden

• Are you trying to kill me? I have one thing left trying to keep me afloat: THE FAIR! Ugh. – KathyLee Howie Ballard

• This is why people are starting to push back. The country needs to get on the same page with some kind of timeline instead of all these piecemeal plans. Two months I have watched hordes of people in stores with no masks on and now we have to wear them? I am starting to think state government gets up in the morning and spins a wheel of “what should we do next”? – Tim Preuss

• Tell this to Trump. We in the medical professions have been asking for a national coordinated effort to handle this since early on, and now his failures to lead have killed people. States are doing what they can in the absence of federal leadership. – Mary Claire Krager

• Cancel this, cancel that; everything is getting cancelled. This crap is ridiculous. By the time the state opens back up, which will probably be a year from now or never, there won’t be any where to go because the economy is going to be crashed into oblivion. –  Bobby Brooks

• Waiting and watching with COVID-19! Don’t follow guidelines, and we shall see! – Douglas Mastin

• They really are trying to depress people without a doubt. The cure has become worse than the disease. – Mark Schmalhofer

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