Speak Out: Delaware to roll out rapid antigen COVID tests

Rapid antigen COVID-19 testing is coming to Delaware. A.J. Schall, director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, said at the state’s COVID-19 press briefing last week that the state will begin piloting the rapid antigen tests this week. Mr. Schall said there should be two, maybe three, testing events which will utilize the antigen tests. Rapid antigen tests can provide results within the hour, and Mr. Schall thinks it can be a real game changer in Delaware’s attempts to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The state is looking to target two specific populations with the rapid antigen tests — individuals over age 65 and the young-adult demographic. Those 65 and older are at the highest risk for COVID-19, while adults 18-34 years old have been asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

• Now, the experts are telling us that even with a vaccine that we still need to wear masks and distance into 2022. I think not! And when did Bill Gates become an epidemiologist? — Bob Hice

• Right before you, apparently. — Joe Frggale

• In this era, a broke game show host who has been married three times and who is forbidden from running a charity is hailed. Bill Gates, who is a revolutionary, a billionaire who is still married to his first wife for 26 years and a philanthropist is considered loathsome. Amazing. — Debbie Dickerson

• Don’t throw away your masks for a few more years. — Charlie Harper

• The FDA has approved the first vaccine, and my doctor recommends it. I will be getting it ASAP. A lot better than COVID! Hey, the more people that don’t want it, the better my odds of getting it sooner! — Kathryn Ruhlin