Speak Out: Delaware updates COVID restrictions

As Delaware broke its record for COVID-19 hospitalizations for the third day in a row Thursday, state officials announced new restrictions, including a 10 p.m. curfew for bars and restaurants. The order by Gov. John Carney, also limits most establishments to 30% capacity and limits larger retail establishments to 20% to reduce crowds.

• What a ding-dong. Guess you can’t get COVID before 10 p.m. — Anthony Innerarity

• The point is, the longer people sit at a bar, the drunker they get. As that happens, they become more complacent. COVID doesn’t get worse after 10 p.m., people do. — Jake Phil

• Good move, governor, but you didn’t go far enough — bars and nightclubs should’ve been shut completely! Are they essential? — Michael Jones

• Impeach Carney. — Jon Arthur Judd

• Thank you, governor. We have to control this. — Charlene Randall Korejko

• People’s actions created a rise in cases, yet these same people will expect medical care when or if they become severely ill. Too many take our health care workers and all essential workers for granted. The disrespect shows when one refuses to follow all precautions all the time. Think about it. Our health care workers deserve better from their community members. Remember, we all depend on them at some time. — Rita DiDolce

• This article states that the most recent deaths are people over 70 with underlying health conditions. I highly doubt that these individuals were at the bars and restaurants after 10 p.m. Praying for comfort for the families who have lost loved ones. — Sharon Covington

• Those who are at risk are already staying home! It’s utter nonsense to do this to so many businesses and their patrons. Oh, and a curfew? Like that’s going to make any difference at all! COVID doesn’t know what time it is! — Mary Stapleton Casteel