Speak Out: Demanding answers on Iran

On Monday, two top Senate Democrats called on President Trump to immediately declassify the administration’s reasoning for the strike on the Iranian official, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, saying there is “no legitimate justification” for keeping the information from the public.

• They are in no position to demand anything. — Jason Rextc

•I want an answer and Congress is my voice. If I’m sending my loved ones over to fight another endless war, than I want to know why. — Lori Dettinger Haggerty

• The President has the power to do exactly what he did. He only needs the approval of Congress to go to war. I’m guessing you were OK with Obama and all of his drone strikes that in some instances killed civilians? — David A Gibson

• I have young family in the service. Why should they be targeted because a little man makes stupid decisions? He went to war and on Twitter his diarrhea mouth essentially declared war already. Now a million people want us dead. — Ellen Behringer

• The answer is simple: terrorists will not be ignored. They won’t receive pallets of money and get invited to the White House by this administration. Attack our embassy at your peril. — Chris Werner

• And just like that, the Democrats align themselves with Iran. — Lou Bialota

• You tell me how many children have to be killed on our own soil by Americans before you do something. They attack our U.S. embassy and you want to go to war with Iran. Meanwhile, a crazed gunman shoots up our kids, wives, synagogues, churches and you don’t want to do anything about that except cry that the liberals are trying to take our guns away. And then cry about abortions killing the innocent when you do nothing to keep them safe in school and lock the ones who are different than your family in cages. I seriously doubt that you are willing to enlist or send any member of your family to fight a war that isn’t ours. Let Israel and Iran and Saudi fight their own wars and let their nations spill the blood of their own instead of using American soldiers as pawns. — Gary Greer

• Targeted killings have been happening for centuries. When a person has committed heinous crimes but can’t be brought to justice for various reasons, this is the only way to stop them. Here is a person who publicly took responsibility for killing Americans and was planning to kill more. Given his location and position there is no way we could “arrest him for trial”. This was the right call for the situation. Yes, he was still a person with a family and friends, but so were the people who have died at his hand/order. — Lisa Bell

• Soleimani orchestrated the attack and burning if the embassy in Iraq. It’s been in all the papers, they should pay attention. He was only a government official to the extent that Iran, as a state sponsor of terrorism, made him a general. Soleimani was designated a terrorist in the early 2000s by the U.S. If our politicians want to play politics, that’s their prerogative, but not with American lives. The embassy, by international law, is sovereign U.S. soil. Because of that, an attack on the embassy is no different than an attack on Delaware. And for that, there should be a swift and impactful response, which is exactly what they got. — B.K. Smith