Speak Out: Dems win two state senate seats

Democrats expanded their lead in the General Assembly on Tuesday. Democrats now hold 14 of 21 Senate positions, in addition to 26 of 41 House seats.

• Because who wants checks and balances? Just a supermajority to ram whatever you want through. — Jon Falkowski

• One reason I don’t like the two-party system. — Steve Eagland

• Maybe we can get our taxes back since we have no representation? — Beth Gallagher

• Didn’t you vote? So I guess you have representation. — Tommy Bou

• Every single ballot has a receipt of date sent. Date, date received and date accepted. Fight trashcan tales with facts. — Patricia Marie Diienno

Carney cruises to a second term

Gov. John Carney earned a second term Tuesday, holding back a challenge from Republican Julianne Murray and two third-party candidates by drawing 59.4% of the vote.

• Corruption wins big in Delaware! — Vic San

• Stop yarning conspiracy theories and get involved in your government. — Patricia Marie Diienno

• You are wrong! There’s corruption everywhere. — Freda Barrett

• While that is true, corruption isn’t why Delaware is blue. — Rob Holley

• What you don’t realize is calling what Carney has done “tyranny” is exactly why he won handily. The rest of us find it too dramatic and makes us wonder if you truly know what tyranny is. — Chris Henry

• Never heard of any campaigning done by him at all. — Donna Williams

• Article says, “Delawareans stand to win.” Not so. You’ve already decimated our schools and our economy by shutting everything down. So what’s your next move? — Patty Phillippi Farmer

• Home schooling for another four years. Sad. — Crystal Hiser

• I am very resistant to change, but there is a time when it needs to happen. What is wrong with the people in Delaware? Four more years of the same old bull. — Mary Clifton

• You people are just sore losers. — Dennis Patrick