Speak Out: Derelict Milford structure painted pink

A derelict building on Northwest Front Street got a fresh coat of paint Monday, going from a dingy yellow to a bright, vibrant pink. “Basically, the pink speaks for itself,” said the building’s owner, Jamie Masten. “If you’re going to do business in Milford, bring your Pepto.”

• Humor brought out the seriousness of the problems of starting a new business without the cooperation of a town’s civic leaders. — Ray Roszak

• Build the sidewalk. Bozos like him have been telling us for 40 years they will eventually get around to building infrastructure.  — Tommy Bou

• I am almost always against tearing down old houses. Anything is repairable and can be renovated. And you will usually end up with a sturdier structure that will last another 100 years. But I am always for doing something like this to get attention and your point across! Love it! — Gere Durkin

• So, instead of having a new office building, that could have housed new business and created new jobs — therefore, creating new sources of revenue — the entire project gets hung up over a sidewalk that essentially would have led to nowhere. Especially since the surrounding properties already had waivers. That’s like cutting off your nose in spite of your face. Dilapidated buildings only make the town look shoddy and abandoned. If anyone is willing to see the potential in Milford, I think it is definitely worth a shot. — Heather Laskey