Speak Out: Dershowitz comments

President Donald Trump’s defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz now says his headline-dominating argument against impeaching the president has been distorted.

In a day-after tweet, Dershowitz complained Thursday about the portrayal of his testimony Wednesday night that a president, if he believes his re-election is in the “national interest,” is essentially immune from impeachment for actions in support of that idea.

Readers reacted:

• Did I miss in the article where Dershowitz explained what he DID mean, if he didn’t mean what the Dems are saying it sounded like he was saying?? All I saw was that he said they misrepresented his statements, but no further explanation about what they got wrong or a better way of stating his opinion. — Jess Mortillfem

• You are surprised?! That’s what the opposing side is supposed to do — distort your side’s defense. Did you think you were going to change minds already made up since November 2016? — Dennis Kirkwood

•Typical Trumpis. I didn’t say that, even though it’s on tape. A great legal mind, almost as great as Rudy! — Patrick R. Weaver

• You all know this guy is a Democrat, don’t you? — Stacy Johnson

• He’s as much of Democrat as Trump is. They both only do whatever is best in their personal interest at the time. Remember when Trump donated to the Clintons? — Jess Mortillfem