Speak Out: DOC provides COVID-19 update

The Delaware Department of Correction continues to aggressively test, trace, clean and treat to combat inmate COVID-19 cases at Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown. DOC said that after six weeks with no inmates testing positive for COVID-19 in any of the state’s correctional facilities, a cluster of inmate cases was identified at SCI, the first at that facility.  

• Curious if they will talk about what happened to that $60 million contract with Connections, where inmates didn’t really get health care. Where did that money go? Anyone get them to open the books like all large government contractors should be mandated to do? — Beth Gallagher

• They are just now issuing masks and have not been cleaning like she states. They still sit elbow to elbow to eat, use phones one right after the other with no masks and don’t clean the phones between callers, and they are still bunked up together definitely, not 6 feet apart. They have not been programming since February, so don’t say now it’s due to COVID-19. The guards have been in and out for months, no masks, no gloves. Wonder how it got in? Ask your staff. — Daniele Marie June