Speak Out: DOJ asks to defend Trump in defamation suit

The Justice Department is asking to take over President Donald Trump’s defense in a defamation lawsuit from a writer who accused him of rape, and federal lawyers asked a court Tuesday to allow a move that could put the American people on the hook for any money she might be awarded. After New York state courts turned down President Trump’s request to delay E. Jean Carroll’s suit, Justice Department lawyers filed court papers aiming to shift the case into federal court and to substitute the U.S. for President Trump as the defendant. That means the federal government, rather than the president himself, might have to pay damages if any are awarded.

• President Trump! Four more years! — Mark Schmalhofer

• Wow, conservatives are showing daily they clearly are not the party of “morals and family values,” as they think they are. — Chris Henry

• More fake news. — Ryan Starr

• The plan was to “drain the swamp.” Instead, they installed a cesspool. — Eddie Curley

• This is obviously wrong and, like most of President Trump’s lawsuits, will probably be decided against him, but it will delay the final result. What he is alleged to have done was as a private citizen, long before he was president — and the government resources should not be used in this way. — Larry Josefowski

• I wonder how much she’s being paid to lie against the president right before election? — Jude Fisher

• “Everything I don’t like is fake news. Everything I do like is fact,” say regime loyalists. — Pete Schonert

• Wow, more money out of taxpayers’ pockets! This is ridiculous. I’m so tired of taxpaying citizens taking the hit for his private mess. — Gigi Gillespie

• But you are fine when the Congress and Senate do it on the downlow? — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Not fine with anyone doing it! We should be disgusted with how many taxpaying dollars are wasted each year. He is no exception! — Gigi Gillespie

• Another BS defamation suit. — Lacey Lafferty

• So then you’re OK with the taxpayers being on the hook for something Trump allegedly did before he was president? That wouldn’t be very conservative of you. — Chris Henry

• Does anybody know what happened to Tara Reade? Democrats seemed to have swept that under the rug for some reason. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Come on! The abuse of power is getting out of control. — Merv Sparks