Speak Out: Dover crime

In a Sunday story headlined “‘Take guns and drugs off the streets’” Mayor Robin R. Christiansen, who pledged Dec. 31 to devise a plan to curtail the gun violence, rode with a patrol shift supervisor from about 7:15 p.m. to midnight Friday. During that time, he viewed the evidence seized from the South New Street raid. (As mayor, he oversees the police department.)

“This should give the public a sense of security in that the police department is doing an excellent job in making a concerted effort to take guns and drugs off the streets in order to increase safety within the city,” Mayor Christiansen said, while surveying the haul.

• So, they had to have the mayor riding with them to do this? Shouldn’t this be what they do all the time? Only because the police take a hands-off approach to thugs did it get so out of control. Crack down on these cretins and they’ll move someplace else, like Harrington. — Dave Duncan

•So let me get this straight. You’re blaming the police for criminals. decisions to involve themselves in crime? — Willy Woods

• Unfortunately, the police do their jobs and our justice system fails to punish. If you want to point a finger, point it where it belongs. — Jackie Veal Cates

•Article I, Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution, states: “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.” — Tyler Cole

• A person does have a 2nd amendment right, up to the point where they give it up. Those who commit violent crimes should not continue to possess that right. — Lisa Bell

• Why did he go home at midnight? That’s when things start percolating…oh wait, I think I just answered my own question. We don’t need gimmicks like this. Dover is out of control. — Ronnie Ponde

•It would help when the judges keep the people in jail who commit the gun crimes. — Debra Meinhardt Petro

• The mayor can do all he wants however the Democratic liberal AG will keep cutting deals for gun charges, drugs, and pedophiles. — Brady Allen

• I’m glad they got that “ air-soft “ off the street! — Lou Bialota

• Air Softs scare people just as much as the real thing. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to stare down the barrel of one at 1 a.m. when you’re working a convenience store or walking down the sidewalk. — Bob Hice