Speak Out: Dover mayor says curfew is ‘voluntary’

The curfew and state of emergency that have been put in place by Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen on the city of Dover is not expected to be lifted anytime soon. The orders were set by the mayor on May 31, a day after peaceful protesting in Dover during the daytime turned volatile that night, with people smashing windows and looting some stores at the Dover Mall and along U.S. 13.The protests in Dover have been taking place in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white officer knelt on his neck during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25.

• What? That is talking out of both sides of your face! What exactly is the point of an unenforceable, “voluntary” curfew? Oh right, to make it look like you are doing something when actually you are doing nothing but being a talking head. This talking-out-of-both-sides-of-your-face stuff is ridiculous. Make a decision and stand by it.  – Dawn Kifer

• It means “curfew is meaningless.” Great leadership there, Mr. Mayor. – Mageline Michael

• Who is going to volunteer to do that? Oh yes, the innocent, not the thugs with no morals. – Debbie Virdin

• Don’t we always have a voluntary curfew? If I want to be home by 9, I go home.  – Kristin Anne Wirth

• Is that why they decided to riot early in front of the Wawa on 13 in Camden? Happening now. – Faye Wing

• It means if you come out to loot or riot, you’re fine. Anything else, you will be prosecuted. – Stephen Terrance Herd

• Good grief. Could we please get some leadership in this flipping town? – Ronnie Ponde

• Well, as long as the liquor stores can stay open, it’s all good. – Mark Fisher

• This is an atrocity of violating people’s constitutional rights, Mayor. We need better local leadership. – Ruth Hamilton

• If this ain’t what we are hearing:

“Ohhhh I love to dance a little side step,

Now they see me now they don’t I’ve come and gone

And ohhhh I love to sweep around the wide step

Cut a little swath and lead the people on.

Now my good friends it behooves me

To be solemn and declare,

I’m for goodness and for profit,

And for living clean and saying daily pray and now my good friends

You can sleep nights

I’ll continue to stand tall

You can trust me

For I promise I shall

Keep a watchful eye upon you all.”
– Frederick Tate