Speak Out: Dover reaches out to residents with rules of recycling

Sharon Duca, director of the city of Dover’s Public Works Department, is reaching out to inform the city’s residents about what they can and cannot recycle. “What we’re trying to do is encourage the public to become more aware of what is and is not allowed to be recycled in our single-stream recycling service,” Ms. Duca said. “One of the issues that is starting to arise overall is the contamination of recycled material with materials that should not be in there.”

• The biggest challenge to recycling in this state is the inconsistency of who takes what. Some recycling centers don’t accept Styrofoam; some do. Some accept batteries; some don’t. Make every center accept everything. Right now, to recycle everything that’s allowed in this state, one has to drive all over. — Linda Shockley

• Print easy-to-use lists and follow the rules. Also, your car door window is not a trash can. — John C. Jones

• Stop charging for it, then selling it. Maybe people will care more. — Ray Zelano

• The majority does not get recycled or resold. If Delaware was an actual “green” state, it would require all waste companies to report and annually publish our trash/recycling/resold output. We track how much is “collected,” but then, it essentially stops as far as I can tell. So it could probably all go into waste and no one would know. — Beth Gallagher