Speak Out: Dover shootings

A pair of shootings occurred less than three hours apart in the city of Dover late Monday night into early Tuesday, injuring two men and ensuring that 2019 would go out on a violent note.

The trend of gun violence over the past couple of weeks is unacceptable, according to Dover Mayor Robin R. Christiansen.

• Sounds like Dover is trying to keep up with Wilmington in a not so good way. What a shame that hate spreads faster than peace. — Janice Bradford Hall

• All these shootings are from people who are criminals that don’t follow gun laws. If you live in the Dover area, keep an eye on which politicians vote in favor of stricter gun control and remember that at the polls. People are tired of legislators who believe stricter gun laws will solve anything. All that does is make good people who follow laws more vulnerable and unable to defend themselves should a situation arise. — Kim Petters

• So you’re saying that the loose gun laws are not what’s causing the gun violence but the hypothetical gun control laws that a potential candidate may implement at some future point is causing it? — Ant W. Terrigno

• Here is a start, how about our DOJ stop dropping the gun charges and actually start convicting for them. Will that solve the issue, no but it’s a good start. We also need to change our culture in life, schools etc and put the fear of God back in everyone. Capital punishment needs to be allowed with only one appeal given to the person to make their case. — Richard Trincia

• The measures a society takes to protect itself is what makes or breaks it. If crime is tolerated and not met with equal force and consequence it will continue to become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Let your citizens show their ability to enact change and instill stability, not gun control laws to continue to strip them of their remaining rights. Ask the community for suggestions for the new year to see what they think can help. — Mandy Serles

• “Gun violence” is a politically charged term. If criminals don’t use a gun (they probably will anyway, regardless of the law), they will use a knife or whatever else they can their hands on. — Josh Bezy

• How many driveby knifings have you heard about in your life? Guns give cowards a chance to be angry and “brave” from a distance. It’s called “gun violence” because guns were involved. Stop trying to ruin common sense. — Jason Nicholson

• Unacceptable? Attempting to kill someone, no matter the method, is a crime and all crimes by definition are unacceptable. The mission is for the authorities to stop crime in your city. — Dave McGuigan

• It’s the politicians and their policies that continue to keep the inner city population from growing out of the need for violence. We need new politicians and new policies. — Lucas Vaughn

• Thank you Mayor Christiansen. Legislators and the judicial system do need to review their reforms. Much like the violent criminals they seem to support, legislators are rarely held accountable for their actions that increasingly put the law-abiding public at risk. — Bob D Hartman