Speak Out: Dover’s NASCAR weekend won’t include fans

In hopes of preventing the spread of COVID-19, state officials announced that they will not approve the track’s request to host a limited number of fans.

• Ten days at the state fair but can’t do three days at Dover Downs. — Billy Wilson Jr.

• So, Bristol can have 30,000 fans at that track, but Dover can’t have fans at all. — Charles Cain

• There aren’t any fans left, are there? — Jennifer Lawson

• Nobody cares! You get political and take away fans’ rights and freedoms. — Tina Husfelt

• But you can fly in an enclosed airplane. Ridiculous. — Mary Catherine Brockmeyer-Gallo

• Since NASCAR got political, I would not go if they paid me. Hope they go broke. — Stephen Welch

• No longer care to spend any money on anything NASCAR-related. Won’t be watching. — William Jamar

• Why bother? So, NASCAR still gets their money. — Tammy Lee

• Guess the right people don’t own enough stock in Dover Downs. But the fair is open? Think on that. — Michael Ware