Speak Out: DPH reports COVID deaths second-highest daily total

Sixteen COVID-19-related deaths were reported by the Delaware Division of Public Health in Thursday’s report. That number is the second-most deaths reported in a single day, trailing only May 13, when there were 17 deaths. All 16 individuals had underlying health conditions, according to the DPH, and three were residents of a long-term care facility. Long-term care residents have made up 480 of the state’s 888 COVID-19-related deaths (54%).

• All were going to die of underlying health conditions. It is not a COVID death. It is a natural death. Wake up, stupid sheep. — Jim Green

• So if I had diabetes and died in a car accident, that would be a “natural death?”— Tommy Bou

• More fearmongering! It’s Christmas Eve. Give it a rest already! — Daniel Korup

• You’re starting to look like the angry old man who shakes his fist at kids for walking on his lawn. I get it: Your politics and worldview are conservative and vastly skewed from the average American but give it a rest. It’s Christmas. You have your health, a home and children who love you. Focus that energy in a positive fashion. — Corey Collier

• Just because I’m Republican doesn’t mean I’m bitter. And I’m an “average” American who has a different view than the left, who wants to scare and ruin everyone’s life. Enjoy your holiday. Peace out! — Daniel Korup

• How many other deaths were there? From everything? — Dolly Earl

• There is a stat known as “excess deaths,” which measures the number of deaths above what is expected, since they have been tracking all deaths. And this year, the excess deaths is tracking very closely to those deaths attributed to COVID-19. — Larry Josefowski

• A majority of Americans elected an honest man that actually cares about all of us. He’ll work hard to clean up Trump’s disastrous mess. — Eddie Ellingsworth

• You actually believe Biden is an honest man? I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a person lie so much, and just wait till you see the Hunter mess come unraveled. — Bob Hice

• Speaking of lies, we’re still waiting for all that Obama mess you’ve been promising for four years. And if you haven’t witnessed a man lie so much, obviously, you’ve been blindly (and deafly) following Trump for five years. He holds the record for number of lies told in the White House. You even admitted you knew who he was when you voted for him. Biden won. “Get over it, buttercup,” as you told me and countless others after Tump won. — Gary Greer