Speak Out: Driving in Delaware

Letter writer thinks Delaware drivers “could do better.” (Delaware State News, Feb. 27)

• Five stars for raising awareness, but not so much for the content, Mr. King; you are way too kind. It goes further than that. Don’t change lanes in an intersection. Quit speeding on local streets. Stop cutting in front of people just so you can make a turn! Just because your car will fit in that space does not mean you should change lanes quickly at highway speeds. READ and implement the Delaware Driver Manual rules and regulations. Then anticipate what the other driver may do, and be courteous. It is not all about you. The other day I pulled up to a 4-way stop sign in my neighborhood, and there was a guy coming from my left but back a couple houses. Since I was stopped, I proceeded to make my left turn, at which point he almost hit me as he ran his stop sign. I followed him home and asked why he had done that. His response was that he was on the main road and had the right of way. I replied that if they did not want you to stop, they would not have put a stop sign there. Stopping at a stop sign is the law. I then suggested he get and read the Delaware Driver Manual. You see, he was not from here. When I asked, he said yes, that is the law in his country. Perhaps DMV needs to start making out-of-staters take the written test rather than simply have them surrender their license from another state/country to get a Delaware license. (An example: In South Korea, the car with the front fenders furthest in front has the right of way, even if they are on the inside lane and want to exit the circle.) All laws everywhere are not the same and we want folks to know and obey Delaware laws.  P.S. Ladies, please finish putting on your makeup before leaving the house. Everyone put your damn phone down and drive the car. — Butch Dunn