Speak Out: Erasure of BLM chalk art draws concern

State Rep. Sean Lynn, D-Dover, wants answers about why some Black Lives Matter-related chalk art was washed away last weekend. The art had been created by BLM protesters during an event at Leg Mall on July 3, he said. The Back the Red White and Blue Rally was held in the area the next day, when Mr. Lynn said an unknown entity began the process that led DFD to wash away the art.

• If someone would use their First Amendment rights all over my property/building for others to see, I would erase it immediately. MS-13 spray-painted my building — maybe First Amendment to them, but not for me or others to see. — David Louie

• It’s only free speech if some elite, progressive politician deems it so. Pull down statues, but chalk art is now protected. — Bob D. Hartman

• The new statues that must not be taken down are BLM chalk art. Is Sean Lynn going to call for hate crimes to be charged? — Bob Beckman

• Erase the chalk, but instead erect a 10-foot bronze statue of Harriet Tubman as a constant reminder of how a slave, who was considered in that period of time as intellectually inferior to whites but outsmarted them or years never being caught. Yeah, who cares about the BLM chalk art — a memorial that’ll be less divisive, educational and encouraging would suffice. So, would you prefer that? Or erect one of Nat Turner. — Michael Jones

• Why isn’t there a beautiful and positive article written about the Back the Red, White and Blue festivities? One of the most beautiful voices I have heard was singing the national anthem. It was a true day of patriotism celebrating July Fourth and Independence Day. Happy birthday, America! — Jeanie Wooters Morgan