Speak Out: Experts predict mild winter

Those who put their trust in nature and the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” for winter weather may be checking the thickness of cornhusks, when crickets arrive, departure time of ducks and geese, acorn abundance and when squirrels gather nuts. “If you watch the cows and the animals, they know what’s going to happen,” says local meteorologist Harlan Williams of Smyrna. Mr. Williams, armed with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Millersville University in 1999, has compiled his prediction for winter 2020-21, and he’s calling for a somewhat mild winter.

• Thank God. — Phillip Pennington Sr.

• Boo! — Ray Wharton

• They have a 50/50 chance of being right. Of course, weather predictors and weather reporters are known to be more wrong than right. Love when they say, “today’s weather warm and sunny,” while it is chilly with the rain pouring down. — Victoria M. Olds

• Well, if the experts say it’s going to be mild, we better prepare for a hard winter. — Donna Walls

• Agreed. They haven’t been close all year on weather. — Mark Joseph

• That’s it. I’m selling my snowplow and salt-spreader! — Michael Jones

• Lovin’ the Carolina weather. — Ron Cahall

• I want snow! — Mary Claire Krager

• We need a few really good snowfalls to cleanse the germs in the air. I’m ready for at least three of them. Let it snow. — Sue Takemoto

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