Speak Out: Fair to open amid virus concerns

On the fairgrounds bordering the southern edge of Harrington, the 2020 Delaware State Fair will be staged, albeit unlike any of its 100 predecessors. Approval to stage the fair with health-related requirements followed a review process involving both the Division of Public Health and Division of Small Business.

• Hope it does open. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. I don’t care. I want funnel cake. And deep-fried Snickers. — Bruan Sears

• You can open the fair but not allow a pregnant 18-year-old to have her family with her at birth. Makes no sense.  — Debbie Allen Wambold

• Are you kidding me? They did that to protect the patients, mothers and infants from getting sick! The fair and the hospitals are not the same. The hospitals know what this virus can do! — Linda Cooper Brewer

• This is the way they start to enforce and introduce martial law. But we’re not allowed to have graduating ceremonies, funerals, parties (even at home), the peach festival, Apple-Scrapple, the Sea Witch Festival, etc. — Tammy Wilson

• What a joke. I have been working out there, and I see nothing but a health risk. — Ralph Pann

• The fair can open, the bars open, the beaches are packed, yet you cannot go into a state building alone and take a test in a room alone when that is the only thing standing in the way of opening your own business. Pathetic. — Ladonna Sheridan Lewis

• They are risking people’s health on tourism money! — Cal Staple