Speak Out: DPH discourages gatherings, travel; families adjust

If Delawareans follow the Division of Public Health’s advice surrounding holiday gatherings in the time of COVID-19, Thanksgiving will be very different this year. “We want to limit gathering to the greatest extent possible, and when we talk about Thanksgiving, gathering with people who already live in your home already is our recommendation,” said Dr. Rick Pescatore, DPH’s chief physician. Delaware is seeing COVID-19 cases rising again.

• Neither the governor nor the state have the power or responsibility to dictate social behavior this way. — Scott Berry

• State of emergency carries the weight of law in Delaware. — Matt Hickman

• He isn’t infallible. He’s already had to settle one lawsuit because of his unconstitutional overreaches. And there will likely be others. At some point, the people will stop suing and rise up. — B.K. Smith

• I got a written note that says, “we the people.” — Jon Walczak

• You must be reading it wrong if you don’t think you can be fined or arrested for not following the laws. — Charlie Harper

Pentagon to cut troop levels

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said last week the U.S. will reduce troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan by mid-January.

• Yep, against the advice of the Pentagon heads and the commanders on the ground. — Michael Jones

• Republicans have abdicated the duty to the Constitution …. traitors one and all. — Tommy Bou

• Well, Democrat neo-liberals love the endless wars and the military industrial complex as much as Republicans. I love sending our youth overseas to potentially die and get PTSD for oil and drug wars, so our elites can make loads of money. Don’t you? — Beth Gallagher

• No, we just want our troops covered and supported when Republicans drag us into war. All of the wars of the past 40 years were started by Republicans. — Rick Reed