Speak Out: Fauci optimistic COVID-19 vaccine will be available

Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that he remains confident that a coronavirus vaccine will be ready by early next year, telling lawmakers that a quarter-million Americans already have volunteered to take part in clinical trials.

• No. I don’t think I will. — Mary Crossan Criscuolo

• No one will be forced to take the vaccine. — Edna Staats

• Except every child and elderly person will be forced. Vaccine mandates have been in place for 30-plus years. Boomers are the last generation to not have to get a ridiculous amount of vaccines. They will only increase the number of vaccines (profit) until half the kids are legit incapable of living by themselves.  It probably won’t be that bad but, yeah, it’s garbage. COVID-19 isn’t polio I’m not sure how people are still not aware of mandated vaccines. Anyone in a school since the 1970s had mandatory vaccines, and also in nursing homes. It’s only gotten worse since. At first, it was, of course, for major diseases or hard-to-treat disease, and now, they vaccinate for everything they can find, no matter how not prevalent the disease is, no matter how mild, no matter how communicable. — Beth Gallagher

• Not without a signed consent. Read the fine print! — Tammy Lee