Speak Out: Food stamp requirements

The Trump administration is tightening work requirements for the federal food stamp program in a move that will slash benefits for hundreds of thousands of people.

The final rule, announced Wednesday, will limit the ability of states to exempt work-eligible adults from having to obtain steady employment in order to receive benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which helps feed more than 36 million Americans.

• The way it needs to be. Why do we taxpayers need to pay for your food when you are able to go out and earn a paycheck? They won’t work because they turn around and sell their food stamps for cash. They might have $300 on a card and walk away with $100 in cash! I’ve seen it happen. — Amber Brummitt

• I agree. If they are not physically or mentally disabled, they should be required to apply for work. I don’t care if you make minimum wage, you should have to contribute to your expenses. I love when people use food stamps for sandwiches at Wawa but then pull out cash for cigarettes. If you can afford cigarettes, you can afford at least some food. — Melissa Epperly

• Those that do not abuse the system should not be punished for the ones that do. There are those that need help. I do not mind helping with my tax dollars, just wished the system could make improvements. — Joyce A. Getty

• If EBT was more like WIC where you could only select food items, I bet you wouldn’t have as many people using it. If someone truly needs the help they wouldn’t be mad if they could only get Select items and not seasonal candy, lobster and Red Bull. Make it essentials. — Donna Schauber

• I agree it is such an abused system, and has created for a repeat generation. Totally not saying that some have utilized it for what it is meant, so big kudos to those. It’s the ones you described and repeats with their offspring and so on and so on. — Melissa Salerno-Bailey

• If someone is working and not making minimum wage, who gets up every day to hit the time clock, They’re not lazy. Maybe that’s the only job their educational level afforded them. Yes they should be able to qualify for food stamps! I’m a career Department Of Defense civilian employee retired after 35 years of service GS-12, high step. I can afford food, however I even struggle myself with one income. If the shoes were on the other foot, people wouldn’t be so quick to judge others. We don’t know their stories and it’s not always about being lazy white or black, red or green! — Sharol Addison

• As long as you are working 20 hours or more you can collect food stamps. This is to get people off welfare and work. — Nancy Buckle

• I don’t qualify for food stamps because of my income but I don’t marginalize those that do. Those that seem so indignant are either hypocrites or ignorant of the fact that corporate welfare exceed the spending in all social welfare spending. They either don’t know or are purposely ignoring the fact that this administration has approved of giving 28 billion dollars in taxpayer funds to wealthy farmers, mostly in southern red states that are suffering under the tariff spat this wannabe dictator is having with China. Their indignation rightfully should be toward this and not towards those less fortunate than them. — Michael Jones

• I just wish they made everyone on government assistance take drug tests, that would free up millions of taxpayers dollars! — William Drummond

• Places tried that and it ended up costing more than it saved. I understand what you are getting at, but it doesn’t seem to work. — Aaron Mobley

• So we punish the children of addicts? Children use food stamps they have no control over their parents addictions. — Robin Neil

• Supplemental is in the name, maybe it should be treated as a supplement. — Aaron Mobley

• Good, you shouldn’t be getting something for nothing. That’s called entitlement. These benefits are eligibilty based. If you can work you should and take advantage of the training programs the Department of Labor has available to help. — Deborah Bradl

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