Speak Out: For the dogs

Every month, the state publishes a list of proposed changes to regulations, which, unlike laws, can be adjusted by a state agency rather than the General Assembly. Among the items on December’s list is one stating DPH intends to replace the Delaware food regulations with the federal 2017 food code, with a few alterations.

The change would allow individuals to bring their furry four-legged friends (only dogs, though) to a restaurant or similar establishment’s “porch, patio, deck or other structure with less than two contiguous walls that does not require travel through any indoor areas, including for entrance and exit.”

• I’m not looking forward to that. Not when I take my kid out who has allergies to dogs. — Christian Orendorf

• Plenty of other places for you to take your children. I am allergic to pollen so I try not to eat outdoors when the pollen is heavy. It’s called common sense. I am tired of bowing to nanny staters. — Bob Skuse

• Well I would like a restaurant where misbehaving screaming kids aren’t interrupting my meal, guess we can’t have everything. — Faye Kelly Kemmet

• I have three dogs. Like it or not I have dog dander on me constantly. Don’t let your kids stand next to me. — Paula Giordano

• If we all had to spend our time worrying about every allergy that someone might have, we would all be prisoners unto ourselves. You need to simply worry about your issues and don’t expose your children knowingly to potential danger. — Bob Skuse

• Then eat inside restaurant and not on patio or deck. It states they can be on patio and deck where there is no throughway to the restaurant. — Kathy Sue De Angelis

• Why is the state even concerned with this? If a small business owner wants to allow pets, the consumers have the right to do business elsewhere. No more nanny state government. — Kevin Outten

• Why not cats? Stop discriminating against cats. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• Because cats are an invasive species completely detrimental to the environment. The only reason we do not treat them like the lantern fly is because they purr.— Jake Truitt

• I’m going to bring my goat. He’s more well-behaved than most children.— Morgan Zeisloft

• This should not happen. People have allergies to dogs!! My sister is a server and was bitten. Keep your pets home! — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Then you keep your perfumes, laundry detergents etc home, people have allergies to those things too. — Faye Kelly Kemmet

• It’s a great idea ….if I’m out walking Main Street Newark and want to get a drink I think my puppy should get a drink too. — Paul Benoit

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