Speak Out: Fright Night canceled

Next month’s scheduled Fright Night in Brecknock Park has been canceled.

• Of course it is. All 2020 events are canceled. — Jessica M. Willey

• Except the state fair. — Julia Walker Stevens

• Nobody is allowed to have any enjoyment in life. Vote red and the plandemic ends. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Vote gray. Stop being part of a party system that keeps you divided. — Christian Orendorf

• Better safe than sorry. — Jeff and Katy Myers

• You do realize he admitted how dangerous it was and that he’s known since February. — Shannon Marie

• Come on, it’s a joke! Let the kids have some sort of normal. If we can shop in Walmart, the kids can trick-or-treat. — David Kline

• We knew this was coming. Everything Halloween will end up canceled. That’s why I’m doing a party and having a candy hunt. — Jennifer Lynn

• Boo. — Ryan Starr

• This is getting ridiculous now. — Bobbi Costello

• Good, who needs that crap anyway? — Michael Jones

• But we had the state fair for Governor’s Day. What a joke. — Laurel Sadusky Nash