Speak Out: GOP comments

Two local Republican Party officials are under fire for offensive comments made on social media recently, with at least one planning to resign as a result. As reported by a left-leaning Delaware political blog earlier this week, New Castle County Republican Party Chairman Chris Rowe used a word derogatory to gay people, while Sussex County Republican Party Vice Chairwoman Nelly Jordan made remarks many saw as anti-Semitic. Both comments were made as Facebook posts.

• As we’ve clearly witnessed, the GOP is held to a higher standard than Democrats. These type of comments should have no home in local GOP roles. I’m glad this issue was addressed by state GOP officials. — Bill Dixon

• I do not find Nelly Jordan’s comments anti-semitic what-so-ever. It’s actually a pretty fact-based commentary and I applaud her for making it. It’s unfortunate that the Delaware Republican party does not have her back and is instead bowing down to the liberal media who are using it to fit their narrative. On a side note, for anyone about to call me prejudice, just know I am married to a Jew who also commends Ms. Jordan’s awareness. — Erin Greenberg

• I’m not a Trump lover, but I think this is outrageous. Freedom of speech will be something my kids will read about in history books because it’s becoming extinct. What can we say without offending? — Michael Jones

•No one is impinging on your right to free speech. You are free to use any words you like and also enjoy the consequences of it. If you can’t express yourself without using derogatory slurs, then your vocabulary and integrity is what is lacking, not our country’s freedom. — Elizabeth Magnani

• I just read Ms. Jordan’s comment and didn’t find it offensive at all. I have seen the same thing said about Christians and have never heard anyone say they were offended. — Larry Hultberg

•Republicans condemn their own for doing wrong. Democrats defend their own when they do wrong. — Philip L Puschel

•Exactly why the Republicans fail in this state. So much fighting in the same party. — Heidi Lentowski

•No the problem is that the Republican party can’t generate quality or qualified candidates. I remember when the Klan headquarters location was well known in Bear near my sister’s house. (70’s). Racism, homophobia and segregation go very deep in this state. Some people want to move forward from that. Some want the good ol’ days back. — Ellen Behringer

• As in GOP officials condemning Trump when he speaks untruths, arm-twists foreign leaders to help him get re-elected, undercuts science in environmental decisions, etc? Haven’t seen that happen yet. — Eric Savage

• I commend Jane for her action. And concise explanation of the situation and party stance. It seems as though many of the party posting on here lack the same values as Jane and many of the evolved Republicans. The pure ignorance of many who have posted hypocritical comments about Democrats being a party that defends their representatives vs. the Republicans who react to their transgressions, need to look no further that our current criminal in the White House and his many administration, staff and campaign officials who have been convicted of crimes. Accusations of someone else doing something with no proof, while there is substantial proof of you doing the same thing negates your statement. — Dennis Norwood

•Poor Dems. Don’t want to upset there little minds and offend them. — Jack Jordan

Not coming from Dems, though, but Republicans who want to appeal beyond a very narrow base. Embrace the use of this language, if you want, but understand it is why the party continues to shrink, especially among younger voters. — Larry Josefowski