Speak Out: GOP dips as Democrats take state control

Today, Democrats hold all nine statewide offices and both chambers of the General Assembly. The state’s three electoral votes have gone to the Democratic nominee in the last seven presidential elections, three of which were won by Republicans. That streak of voting for Democrats seems set to continue this year.

• Always been a liberal state. — Howard Gaines III

• Democrats fleeing blue states and voting blue? Don’t be surprised when Delaware turns into Jersey then. — Ryan Fenimore

• You don’t like it, you can leave! — Chris Henry

• This Delaware former Democrat is voting Trump along with my Democrat neighbors. Explain that! The Democrat Party goes too far with a socialist, progressive agenda.  — Rose Mary

• So can some of you explain how it is I’ve been doing better in a blue state (Delaware) after moving from a red state (Arizona)? Better/cheaper housing, cheaper gas, cheaper utilities and not taxed out the rear for groceries. — James Decker

• Well, look at how low the Republican leadership has become — dirty, morally bankrupt, willing to do anything to put party over country.  — Rick Reed

• In other words, Lauren Witzke is going to lose bigly. — Christine Brock

• Because legislators and individuals are more than just their party. In Delaware, money still talks a lot. Law enforcement has had a weighted influence on criminal justice issues. Even the Democratic Party has been pretty conservative. Progressives have been in the minority, although it looks like that’s starting to change. I’m sure there are other factors, as well. It’s a complex question. — Kristin Froehlich

• This is what’s wrong in our state: low-information voters. — Janet Carey Smith