Speak out: Gov. Carney issues guidance on summer camp, summer school

WILMINGTON — As Delaware continues a rolling reopening of the state, Gov. John Carney released guidance for summer camps and summer school recently. Recreational camps must develop a written plan for enforcing social distancing, frequent hand-washing and other basic public health precautions, according to a news release. Summer camps and summer school programs will be permitted to open in accordance with Delaware’s guidance effective Phase 2 of the economic reopening.

• Yet more rambling, nonsensical orders from our self-proclaimed dictator. – Lin G. Applegate

• Please don’t make kids wear masks! – Duane Lapp

• Yes, how dare he try to keep our children and camp counselors safe. – Nancy Lester Quirk

• I always say: I don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican, if you can do a better job, put your name in the hat come election time. – Mike Wright

• If only he was more concerned about the state of the economy and less about the lives of children. – William Mazzariello

• So, basically, he’s made it next to impossible to make it feasible. – Sam Frankie Leister

• There are 50 states in this country. Pick one. Take a few friends along. Too many people here anyway. – Joan Parsons Allmond

• Whoever designs the human bubble could potentially be a millionaire. – Kristi Osborn