Speak Out: Government, Delaware legislators

Commentary: Our government: Not a joke and not our enemy

The people that work for our federal, state, and local governments are not the “deep state” some claim, or faceless bureaucrats, or mindless paper-pushing regulators. They are our public servants, who work for us, often – as we now see so well – at the risk of their lives.

• No one wants big government until they need it. I bet everyone will be cashing their $1200.00 checks as soon as they arrive, or spending the money as soon as it hits their bank accounts. Daniel hit the nail on the head! – Ralph Barrett

• Spot on Mr. Pritchett, an excellent analysis. This has been going on since the Reagan administration and has only gotten worse. Over the past 40 years the GOP has cut government programs, except for those that enrich their wealthy overseers. The current occupant of the White House is what they’ve wanted all these years. What a bad joke. – Steve Caporiccio

Commentary: Should Delaware legislators  be working remotely?

“Are we missing a significant opportunity for improvement by having Delaware’s legislature to continue to sit on the sidelines for the weeks ahead? During this crisis, millions upon millions of people across America are working from home using technology to help keep their businesses alive and America moving forward. Millions of college students and schoolchildren are using technology to make progress in their education.”

• Technology has proven to be a game-changer in these difficult times. The need to modernize how we govern in Delaware has never been more evident than it is right now. We can’t continue to address 21st-century problems using 20th-century technology. – Bob D Hartman

• There are several U.S. senators in quarantine who did not vote on a recent bill. I just completed my Census questionnaire on my smart phone. Why can’t the legislators vote over video phone? – Andy Andrew