Speak Out: Gun debate

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “The left hates you and your guns.”

• It’s pieces like this that drive that narrative that a certain party wants to take away the rights of something the other party is passionate about. There does need to be new gun legislation but an outright ban will never work in this country. — Paul Kennedy

• Richmond actually proved the exact opposite. The rally ended peacefully and the only disruptive influence came from white supremacists planning terrorist acts which will in turn prompt renewed calls for gun control. Perhaps instead of worrying what “the Left” is doing, the right ought to start policing its lunatic militias. — Leigh Ulrich

•What’s wrong with legislation requiring universal background check, reducing magazine sizes, cracking down on gun shows, and eliminating semiautomatic rifles meant for the battlefields? — Michael Jones

•Because they violate the Constitution. — Rob Holley

•Because those laws won’t stop the current criminals out there. It will only create a new set of unenforceable laws. Trump enacted a bump stock ban, and everyone ignored it. — Tom Small

•Will any of that stop the criminal thugs from shooting people? The answer is no. You want to punish everyone for the misdeeds of a few. — Mark Schmalhofer

•The left does not hate you or guns. We want common sense gun reform only. We are not coming after your guns or you. Stop being such babies and come to the table so we can get common sense gun reform,for crying out loud. — Natalie Andrews