Speak Out: Gun forum

Middletown Democrat Sen. Stephanie Hansen organized an all-day forum on gun violence this week, intended as a chance for decision-makers to separate facts from fictions in regard to firearms. Because of limited seating, it’s closed to the public.

The forum featured five panel discussions: Assault-Style Weapons and Magazine Panel, Training and Licenses Panel, Home Sales & Storage of Firearms Panel, Background Checks – People & Guns Panel and Delaware Gun Crimes and Statistics Panel. Attendees will hear from police, prosecutors, doctors, criminal justice experts, firearm dealers, gun rights officials and others.

• Hansen is anti-gun and has no contribution to making Delaware safer. A gun is not violent. A gun can’t use itself. People texting and driving are more lethal to society. Remember a car or cell phone can’t use itself either. — Tommy Lee

• They work for us. Why is it closed to the public? — Stephen Jackson

•The size of the venue. You would have to reserve a seat. Do you not want your government to learn and be informed? — Lori Dettinger Haggerty

•Sounds like a lot of panels. They need a reality panel, focusing on the real problem, which everyone knows, but won’t talk about, which is the subculture of violence gripping Wilmington, Dover and to a lesser extent other cities. The reality panel would find that the gun violence is centralized in specific areas, by a core group of thugs, who don’t obey gun laws anyway. There could be a chart showing how many shooters that are arrested have a charge of possession of a firearm by a person prohibited.

There also should be charts showing how often gun charges are dismissed by the Attorney General’s office. And of course there will be a chart which will be virtually blank showing how many so-called assault weapons are used in these shootings. Just like when politicians patted themselves on the back about bump stocks. To my knowledge there has not been a bump stock shooting in Delaware. But every day there are illegal handgun shooting perpetrated buy the subculture a violent Thugs who need to be locked up long-term for the safety of law-abiding citizens. — Chuck Connors

• Give tough jail sentences for gun offenders. That’s your best bet. Law-abiding citizens have no need for their guns or gun rights to be tampered with. If someone has mental issues, they will find another way such as pipe bombs. Put metal detectors in all schools, send people with mental issues to a shrink, and start giving people 10 or 20 years for firing a gun in public or shooting at someone else, such as in Wilmington. — Lisa Garber

• Oh because building a pipe bomb is so easy, and when I went to school we already had metal detectors and a a state police officer. These things are great but we need some time of reform on gun laws. Not saying they should be taken away but we need to talk about it. There is no discourse about how to handle our problem with gun violence in our country — specifically mass shootings. — John Jacob

• Hopefully, she is against illegal gun owners and not legal gun owners. You don’t see any legal gun owner or people with a conceal to carry permit doing crimes with their guns. For personal defense only. And maybe save someone’s life in a mass shooting or such. — Bob Colclough