Speak Out: Gun sales soar

In Delaware, the number of federal background checks — required to confirm or deny eligibility to purchase a firearm — more than doubled in March and June (16,438 combined), compared to 2019 (8,189) and rose significantly in April and May (10,559) from last year (7,501).

• Very sad. Never thought I would see this melee in my lifetime. — Rosely Robinson

• I don’t believe it’s just the virus. This happened in 2008 as well, before and after the election. — Josh Wilson

• Some of my favorite photos the past six months have been people of varying races standing together, armed. Nothing brings people together like defending themselves, their families and their property. It’s an awesome sight. — Stephanie Marie

• Riots and looting and defund-the-police movements have cemented the need for citizens to have firearms!— Marc Auger

• Hopefully, more Black men legally purchase guns to protect themselves from redneck thugs and cops. — Bryan Bobel

• If only all those new gunowners would get the training required to understand the fundamentals of safe and responsible gun ownership, that would be impressive; however, they won’t and mostly don’t, just adding to the problem of too many firearms floating around Delaware and getting used for crimes. — Peter Murray

• They are scared of us taking back our power, but they’re the ones who do mass shootings. They are quick to say Democrats are the problem but won’t look in the mirror to see they’re the problem. — Theresa Henderson

• Kind of weird that people are happy that the nation feels so unsafe that we have to buy more guns, isn’t it? Before you comment, remember that this is under Trump’s watch. This is currently Trump’s America. — Jessica Gazvoda

• When Trump becomes dictator, his federal police will be by to get those guns because you represent a threat to him. — Douglas Mastin

• It’s a shame that for many folks, when we have so many families and individuals suffering in very real ways, their first thought is to run out and buy a gun and not to see what they can do to help others. — Eric Morrison

• Peaceful protesters aren’t a threat to you. — O.G. Greer