Speak Out: Hummers Parade future

Middletown’s mayor and town council have big decisions to make before the Jan. 1 Hummers Parade. Eleven months after a public firestorm ignited following some highly reviled content, the town is grappling with the future of the event fueled by anti-political correctness and little or no planning.

Many thought at least one entry in 2019, if not more, violated public decency well beyond acceptable limits during the get together — a spoof of a caged migrant child and adult in soiled underwear, supposedly held at a detention center near the U.S.-Mexico border.

• If you don’t like it, don’t go! Don’t take it away from the ones that do. — Loretta Pramick

• How about you just dont put kids in cages? — Paul Kennedy

• How about you stay home. Being offended is a self-inflicted wound. The parade is about humor, the absurd and making fun of the previous year’s events. You know, fun. Or maybe you don’t. — Chris Rowe

• I heard there is a alternative parade, it will be held virtual for the brave. For those outside the comfort zone of their basements, free comfort dogs and safe places will be along the parade route. Applause will be allowed with “jazz hands” only. — Shawn McCarty

• And ya’ll think it’s humorous when ya’ll see kids in cages? It’s not the folks who don’t want the parade that is the problem. It’s anyone who thinks mocking kids who were in cages that’s the problem. I’m disgusted at such and if you’re not, it truly shows who and what you really are. — Scientific Burton

• Ignorance has consequences.— Peter Giaquinto

• The same ones being offended are also the same ones that never realized they offend others. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Either put some rules around it or get rid of it. — Merv Sparks

• Yes I agree, the government should totally put some rules limiting people’s freedom of expression. — Cody Cogar

• The whole thing of the parade was there were no rules. Just that snowflakes are soft and could not handle the truth.— Joe Rigney

• Sorry but maybe I didn’t break it down enough for some people. I’m suggesting rules and approvals surrounding the theme of floats or the content. For example making fun of kids are off limits. No reference to race, religion, or sexuality. As a reminder free speech does have limits like you can’t scream fire in a crowded place or you can’t go around saying you are going to kill people. So let’s try to expand our minds a bit — Merv Sparks

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