Speak Out: ‘Impartial justice’

The U.S. Senate opened the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump with quiet ceremony Thursday, senators standing at their desks to swear an oath of “impartial justice” as jurors on the president’s fate. House prosecutors recited the charges, and Chief Justice John Roberts presided in his black Supreme Court robe.

The trial, only the third such undertaking in American history, is unfolding at the start of the election year, a time of deep political division in the nation. Four of the senators sitting in judgment on Trump are running for the Democratic Party’s nomination to challenge him in the fall.

• I’d say 98 outta the 100 already have their minds firmly made up. Just like with Clinton. — Mark Fisher

• Considering the house proceedings were a total mockery. — Jason Rextc

• It should have been dismissed already due to lack of evidence of a crime. — Mark Schmalhofer

• GOP senators will pay in November. — Douglas Mastin

• About as convincing a pro wrestling.— Dave Fisher

• Impartial justice? The Dems have already convicted him.— Deborah Wilkinson

• People may not like Trump, may not agree, but at least they know how corrupt and “for their pockets” the government really is. Trump who has money who isn’t bought with money is hitting the greedy pigs where it hurts and they are out for a fight when in reality they are showing their true colors. They are not for the people. They are for their pockets! — Walt Speakmen

•You have to be joking! Trump is all about lining his own pockets, as well as those of his friends and family. And he does it at the expense of those he claims to represent. He has made what money he has off the backs of people who did work for him but he refused to pay. — Kathy Spring Jordan

• Ummmm just an observation but the government was corrupt before he was elected. Shouldn’t you be looking at those career politicians? — Sharon Lee Ponsell

•What a beautiful sight! Gave me goosebumps! — Brendan Warner

• So much political theater. — Mageline Michael

• Democratic corruption, which will cost them at the polls. — Lisa Garber

• The house had their dog and pony show with Schiff and Nadler orchestrating. Now the Senate will be the jury. — George Riley

• Ummm how impartial can some senators (running to be the Democratic candidate to run against Trump) who have openly, often and loudly publicly called President Trump “a liar” “a cheat” etc. or any senator who has previously or currently publicly made allegations of inappropriate actions by President Trum, .just saying. Pretty sure they have already decided which way they will vote — definitely not impartial. — Victoria M. Olds