Speak Out: Judiciary taking over

The House Judiciary Committee is set to take over the impeachment probe of President Donald Trump, scheduling a hearing for next week as they push closer to a possible vote on actual charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The Judiciary panel scheduled the hearing as the Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released two last transcripts from its depositions, including from a White House budget official who detailed concerns among colleagues as Trump ordered them, through intermediaries, to put a hold on military aid to Ukraine.

•The circus continues. No evidence of a changing list of crimes. The framework should be bipartisan and innocent until proven guilty, which the left abandoned years ago. — Chris Werner

• It’s pretty clear by now to all parties involved impeachment is not happening. That being said, I’m sure it’s easy to see that what’s been doing is a steady and continuous smear campaign that they are going to drag all the way up until the next election, hoping it will create enough bad press to hopefully vote him out knowing they have no real contender. And it can be argued all these trials and impeachment hearings have only bolstered his original base. — Christopher Joyce

• Impeachment is happening and there really isn’t anything that will stop it (mostly because the president doesn’t seem willing to offer any actual exculpatory evidence). The House is going to impeach him. What is not happening (or at least is not going to happen) is the Senate voting to remove the president from office. That is just not within the realm of possibility right now. — Brian P Slattery

• “Exculpatory evidence” Innocent until proven guilty. It’s not Trump’s job to prove his innocence. It’s the prosecutors job to prove guilt. And all Schiff has done is paraded a host of witnesses that haven’t seen or heard anything. Even with a kangaroo court where Schiff is judge jury and executioner. It will probably go to the House along party lines. And then Trump will be cleared because, so far, he hasn’t done anything wrong. — Chris Werner

• Lock him up. — Ian VanSant

• For what? You must not have watched or listened to the full hearing. If you did, the Democrats came out looking bad, as every thing was shot down on cross examination and he is and still will be your president. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• I wonder if the Democrats will continue this pathetic resistance crap until Donald Trump leaves the White House in 2025. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Yes we are because he has driven the nation apart, ruined international relations, increased hatred and bigotry, etc,etc,etc. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Did no one listen to the news today? Trump was fully aware of the whistle blower when he released that aid. He was just covering himself. – Paula Giordano

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