Speak Out: Keeping Trump in check

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Kirsten Carlson, associate professor of law and adjunct associate professor of political science at Wayne State University, headlined “How else can Congress keep Trump in check?”

•Though this woman is only partially correct in her interpretation of the Constitution, impeachment is not only reserved for the president, each branch has the authority for oversight of the other (balance of power). It is obvious that factions inside of Congress have been seeking to overthrow Trump since before he even got the Republican nomination. The Democrats have done nothing for their constituents for tjree years now except to promise to overthrow the President which they have failed to do. Time to move on and get back to working for the people. — David A Gibson

•No, that talking point is incorrect. They have introduced a lot of bills — all that die on the desk of Mitch McConnell. — Debbie Dickerson

•Yeah Democratic ideas suck and Republicans are going to repeal and replace ACA with something much better as soon as they have an idea of their own. They are working on having an idea right now. Should have one in another few years as soon as they can figure out how to screw the middle class with a profit-driven scam that they fool their base, the uneducated, with. — William Mazzariello

•As soon as they have an idea of their own ? How many years have they had to have an idea? — Rick Reed

•250-plus bills have been passed in the House of Representatives. And Mitch McConnell refuses to bring them to the Senate floor to be voted on. Please explain how that is the fault of the Democrats. — John Smith

•This all started before the president was inaugurated — FISA, abuse, dirty dossier, Stormy Daniels, FBI official violations, Ukraine fraud, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone case. Now,it’s back to “Russia Colusion” again. — George Riley

•The bigger question is how do we keep Congress in check. — Todd Yates

• “This is more important now in the aftermath of the first ever presidential impeachment trial to take place without witness testimony or a full investigation of the facts.” Outright lie. — Lisa Marie McCulley

• The fact that Vindman admitted to lying, the rules for whistleblower complaints were conveniently changed a month or two before the complaint came forward, the fact that both Trump and the DOJ have both stated that Trump has not involved himself in Roger Stone’s case, the fact the we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic, and the fact that the author of the commentary claimed she was a “political scientist” pretty much caused me to lose all faith in what she had to say.

Funny how Democrats claim to want to hold the executive branch accountable for its actions but refuse to investigate or hold accountable Obama’s lawless political spying using various departments of the federal government and appointed officials to do his dirty deeds. If you want to regain the trust of the nation then start cleaning up your house first before pointing fingers. — Shawn Knox