Speak Out: Later school times for Appoquinimik District?

An expert on sleep medicine from the University of Pennsylvania’s presentation about adolescent sleep needs was the beginning of the district assembling a task force to look at sleep and school start times.

• CR starts at 7:30! My teenage son has drill team practice every day at 6 a.m. because there are too many activities to practice after school. He never gets enough sleep for his age! I wish school would start later. Enough sleep is essential for all of us and necessary for our kids to focus, be in a good mood, and stay healthy! – Beth Ann

• What happens to the after-school activities? Baseball, hockey, dance… – Cindy Christiansen

• It’s called managing your time. You set your sleep schedule accordingly, no different when you have a job. Do you think an employer is going to change the work schedule to fit your needs? By changing the time, all the kids think is they can stay up later, then you are back to square one. – Jeff Grzeszczak

• No, you misunderstand. It isn’t just an adaptation issue. Teenagers literally have a completely different circadian rhythm than adults. Adapting school to fit that would allow them to focus better, therefore getting higher grades. That in turn would make them better adults. – Jake Truitt

• Adults have the option of getting a job that best suits their needs to get up in the morning. As a young adult I never worked day shift, always worked 3 to 11 or 11 to 7. But now I am an early riser. Kids don’t have the option of this. My 14-year-old daughter goes to bed around 9 every night but still drags in the morning. It’s a proven fact young children work better first thing in a.m., and teens not so much.  – Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• What a great way to instruct and teach life lessons to future adults. Many people did not have a choice for their school schedule, or participate in school activities like sports, etc. Many worked before and after school. Some did not have the option to attend school at all, due to supporting their family. Next, we will be lectured why America is lacking in graduates, or without jobs.  – George Riley

• Ahh, the era of lawnmower parenting. Make everything as easy and as optimal as possible. Don’t get me wrong I see merit to this, but I also see the danger of not preparing kids to face hardship or adversity. – Randy J. Smith

• I got up early all of my life for school, work, etc. I never had any problems. I would just go to bed earlier if I had to get up early. I never had a problem falling asleep since I was tired since I was up early. I did that routine for 51 years. I was never tired during the day. Everyone that I went to school with and worked with also never had any problems. So why now??? – Linda Formelio